Every year, our friends' Todd and Mandy, throw a Halloween Party that everybody looks forward to! And every year everyone keeps their costumes on the down low, so come party time is so much fun seeing what everyone comes up with! And let me tell you, there has been lots of creativity over the years.
This year, Matt and I, like always wait till the very last minute to prep. By last minute I mean the night before! Every year we go all out with insane make up and get ups, that are impossible for our drunk butts to get out, cut off and clean up by the end of the night. So this year we decided to keep it simple, and so happy we did, because our costumes were so much fun! The night after, I'm still feeling the affects of my costume! A complete reminder that I'm not as young as I once was!

Here we are!

I went as a fully functional wine box. Yes, I said it. The dang thing actually poured out cold wine! Heaven! (I got the idea here) Oh man, at the time this costume was so much fun!!! But the day after, not so much! Between constantly showing people how it worked, and needing to drink from a straw due to the box preventing me from lifting the glass to my mouth. I lost track as too how much I was actually drinking! But needless to say, people enjoyed drinking from it :) Those pictures are hysterical!
Matt wanted to go as a baby, and use our old baby carrier. He couldn't decided on who to be. I mentioned to him to go as Baby Price George. He wasn't feeling it. I knew it was perfect and since I was making it and he was being so indecisive. Baby George he became! Everyone LOVED his costume!

This photo cracks me up!
Sorry for the quality of the photos. Between using my phone camera and Halloween lighting, odds were stacked against me.

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