Every time I enter a craft store I could and do go nuts. But whenever I enter the Bead aisle I suddenly get hit with nausea, discomfort and impaired to not being able to think. Between all the options (in which none are exactly what you're looking for) and the child nearby screaming because they can't touch any of the interesting shiny things (which may or may not be one of my children), I become delirious and start grabbing everything that are the makings for half of ten different pieces. sigh.
Well, This time I went in with some-what of a plan. I should say a general idea that I anticipated of needing to compromise on. I knew I wanted to make something chunky, because after-all I'm a sucker when it comes to over sized jewelry. In my head, I convinced myself that a huge necklace makes up for not being able to wear earrings (baby + dangle earrings = definite disaster) and the fact that jewelry on myself is a rarity that when it does go down, I have to make sure someone [Matt]  notices that I actually made an effort away from my over sized sweat shirts and skinny jeans... Anyway back on topic, I also wanted to do something flower related. I'm all about floral right now, love it and love it all.
I was really hoping to find wide AND flat teardrops beads... nope (of course). So I settled with thick and long tear drops. They only had a few color options, so I decided to go with the clear beads and used finger nail polish to change the colors to a white and soft pink, in order to give it a little color but still some-what neutral. I also grabbed beads that I had no idea what I would do with, because I have a problem.....but that's a different post about hoarding.
So I went home and started painting, cutting, bending, trying, snipping, retrying and resulted with this new beauty! Isn't she pretty? [the necklace, not me of course!]

Now, this leaves me with this to say, this is my first tutorial (yay! exciting!) but if there is anything I need to clarify please let me know! This post is going to be packed full with photos to follow along to, but If something is unclear don't hesitate to ask!
  • 45 teardrop beads (15 per flower)
  • Wire
  • Jewelry Pliers
  • 2 Eye Pins
  • Chain
  • 4 Jump Rings
  • 1 Clasp
  • Jewelry Glue (depending on the beads you choose, you may not need this, you will see later why I needed this)

1. Taking a short length of wire (longer than your beads side-by-side, you'll trim this down later), form a loop at one end to act as a stopper. Then string on 8 teardrop beads, all facing out.
2. Gradually bend the two end beads together to form a circle. Thread wire all the way through the loop you formed in step one.
3. With the wire you just threaded through the first loop, form another loop towards the bottom to link the two loops of wire together. Then clip off extra wire. The first section (bottom/base of flower)is completed. I'll refer to this as the "bottom layer".
4. Repeat Steps 1-3 only this time use 6 beads instead of 8. I'll refer to this section as the "top layer".
5. Continue to do steps 1-4 two more times, until you have 3 bottom layers of  8 beads and 3 top layers of 6 beads. You will use one of each layer to form one flower.
6. At this time you will have 3 teardrop beads unused. Take one teardrop bead and thread a piece of wire (roughly 6-7 inches long, you'll trim this down later so length doesn't have to be exact) and thread it  through the bead half way and fold. Pinch wire to hug the bottom of the pointed end of the teardrop bead.
7. Taking that single bead from step 6 (this will become the center of your flower) thread both wires down through the top center opening of the top layer (6 beads). Pull down firmly so that the beads "perk up" around the center bead.
8. Flip over and split the two wires apart and tightly crisscross them so that they are laying flat across the center with 3 beads on each side.
9. While still having the top layer turned over, place a bottom layer (8 beads) on top. Hold firmly and fold the wires up between the sides of the beads, making sure it is centered with 4 beads on each side of the wire.
10.Crisscross those wires, then twist tie the two wires together, tightly.
11. Snip excess wire and turn the twist down into the flower so that no wire is popping out.
12. Your first flower is completed!
13. Continue those steps (6-12) till you have all 3 flowers made
14. Flip your flowers over. To connect the flowers, I used eye pins, because they are sturdier and don't bend easily. However If you don't have these, You will be fine just using wire. I made loops at the end of the eye pins  and connected the flowers together by the wired that goes across the their backs.
15. Your arrangement should look to this once you have all three flowers connected.
16. Now, this is a step you may or may not have to do. Because the beads that I used were thicker than I originally wanted, they were top-heavy. So when put on and when gravity takes effect the top petals flopped down. What I did to solve this was put a tiny amount of jewelry glue between two petals towards the top connecting the two flowers. the prevented the weight of the flowers from tipping forward.

17. Determine the length you would like your necklace to be, and cut to pieces of chain in identical lengths.
18. On the end of each chain, ad a jump ring
19. Attach the jump ring connected to the chain to the back of you flowers on one side towards the top.
20. Do the same with the other piece of chain to the other side.
21. On the other end of your two chains, attach a jump ring and a clasp. You're all done!!



  1. This is very pretty and I have never seen this tutorial before! Great tutorial and pics and I would totally wear it!
    I would love if you link this posts to my Monday party tomorrow! XO

    1. Thank You! I will most definitely stop on over tomorrow!

  2. Wow! This looks amazing! I love these chunky types of necklaces, but they can be pretty darn expensive! I will for sure be making this sometime soon!!!! Looks great!

  3. Beautiful. I have a feeling mine would not turn out quite so perfect, but I am definitely eager to try anyway.

  4. WOW, this is gorgeous!! I might have to try making one for the Holidays. Great, clear tutorial too. Thanks!!

    1. Why Thank You lady! I peeked over at your blog and that dog house is AMAZING! spoiled little guy!

  5. This is great! I would love to make one with two more flowers on the either side, the more chunky the better!

    1. OH MY GOSH! I think you're in my head! My original plan was to make 5 flowers!! but I under estimated how many beads I would need! At the store I calculated 10 per flower but ended up being 15! So I ran out!

  6. I love how BIG the flowers are! Saw Rebecca's pin on pinterest =) xo caroline

    1. Thank You! It's a fun necklace! I popped in on your blog, and congrats on being a Doctor! That's very impressive!

  7. Love this will have a go as soon as I can get beads, thanks, great tutorial.

  8. Love this necklace and definitely going to give it a try. A perfect piece for summer! BTW - your tutorial is great!

  9. This one is so lovely and well designed necklace. I have to say that it seems so fabulous and wonderful. I will appreciate your post.

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  10. Yes, I also agree with your comment Emilia. It is true that it is so lovely design.

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