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Yesterday, I revamped this case I found at the thrift store on Tuesday with Harper (check out that post and see the "before" picture here). I'm so excited about this case! I even ordered a new lens for it (yay! Thanks Babe!)... well actually I REordered a lens that I already had... till Henry shattered it (sad day... for both he and I). But it was a favorite of mine and life hasn't been the same without it.
My main plan for this case was to do as little to the outside as possible. When giving new life to thrift finds, it can be easy to go over board. It just needed tad feminine touch to it.  But my main priority was to give it a pop of color to the inside. Opening this case up makes me happy! I can't help not to open it. It's now to the point I'm making Matt look inside it an obsessive amount of times to the point he's getting annoyed.
The outside is made of vinyl, so I tossed back and forth on what I wanted to do. At first I thought I would paint it a bright fun color. But knowing how I handle all my camera bags, that would not hold up for long. So  I decided a little frilly lace is all that it needed. Gluing on Vinyl can be tricky, but I'll explain my favorite glue and easiest way to go about this.
 The inside, oh the inside, how I love you. Of course I stuck with what I'm loving right now; flowers!  I've never been into floral prints till I had a baby girl. Now I just get enough of it! But the thing is, I wasn't in the mood to sew (shocker!). I already have enough on my "things I need to sew but avoiding" list. I didn't want to add to it. Not joking, Matt gave me a pair of pants he embarrassingly ripped at work while bending over two years ago, and they are still waiting their turn! So to do the inside, it was a MUST that I do it without sewing. I figured since the padding wouldn't be getting washed, worn, or handled much, it would be completely fine to glue them together. Worked like a charm! 
 I was planning to add some Velcro to the padding, but in my case everything had a snug fit and didn't move, I did not have to use velcro. Depending on what case or bag you use, if you decide you want to make your own. If you need more "support" to the walls. I would recommend adding some kind of Velcro to the sides of the pads.
Lets get started! I did two tutorials on how to glue fabric to vinyl and how to make padding dividers. They are basic tutorials, I didn't add dimensions, because size will very depending on what bag you use and equipment you're putting in it.

 Supplies: fabric / vinyl / E6000 Spray Adhesive, 8-Ounce
  1. Cut desired size and shape out of fabric
  2. spray one side of fabric with E6000  till completely covered
  3. place fabric (glue side down) onto vinyl surface, and gently pat it down and into place with finger tip
  4. let dry for 1 hour
TIP: When you first put the fabric down it will feel like there is not enough glue between the vinyl and fabric, that's okay! Every ten minutes gently pat to press down on areas that may have popped up. If edges seem to be lifting up, put a little E6000 on your finger and press that area back down.

Supplies: fabric / foam / hot glue gun / hot glue
  1. Cut foam to size needed depending on your case/bag. Cut a piece of fabric large enough that it will fully cover the foam. Fold and crease one side of the fabric. Place foam on fabric.
  2. Fold the "raw" side (opposite of your creased side) over the foam.
  3. Put hot glue on the part you folded over in Step two.
  4. Wrap the "folded edge over to cover the foam and attach it to the glue.
  5. For the openings on the sides, wrap one edge of the opening over the foam and down.
  6. Then with the other edge of the opening tuck that down. and hot glue the seam/opening to seal it closed.
  7. Repeat [step 6] to the other opening on the opposite side. This section of padding it complete!
  8. continue to wrap and glue with the rest of your padding
  9. Then install padding in your bag and marvel at it's gorgeous looks!
Have fun! I would love to see what you come up with!! Have you given new life or function to any thrift finds?
It's addicting!!

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