Boy am I beat! What a fun day we had! The past two weeks Matt and I had been planning on going to the family farm this weekend, which is basically our 39 acre playground we can run wild and explore.

What I thought would just be a small simple get away, turned into a very busy and exciting day! I originally anticipated today would consist of Matt and Henry riding their quads for a bit while Harp and I stay back at the farm house. I had even brought my laptop to work on some posts. Low and behold truck after truck pulled up with trailers and quads in tow of our closest friends and family with their children. It turned into a great well needed day! And everyone had a blast.

Currently everyone is still there spending the night, but the kids and I came back home. We were not blessed with a baby that adjusts well sleeping anywhere but in her own bed (who am I kidding, I'm the same way!) Lately when we take a trip to the farm, myself and the kids head back home at night, and Matt stays behind. It's nice to be able to give him a night to chill out and relax with his brother. Not having to worry about a thing. 

Despite the somewhat cold cloudy weather, it turned out to he a great time! Now we just have to wait till next year to go quading again. What I love the most about the farm is that it is very secluded, tons of space to have fun and no distractions from the outside world. It's solely just us spending time together.

I am WORN OUT at the moment and scratching my head as to how my children are not in their beds passed out right now -- I mean seriously!? I wish I had the energy they had. They had a cram packed day with no naps, and they are still wanting to party! Give Mommy a break children!

Any who -- here's a few more photos of our day! How is your weekend going? What have you done? If you have a blog with a post of your weekend, let me know! I would love to read about it and find new blogs!



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