Let's start off with saying, we respect the turkey. The anticipation of being face deep in a plate of cranberry sauce with a side of goodness is overwhelming at the moment. Any holiday that's sole purpose is to eat till you're in a coma while grandparents' entertain the children is my kind of day. We have always been pretty dang on loyal to keeping the "tis the season spirit" till the Sunday after Turkey Day. Rather or not that's our way [read: my way] to respect the holiday and all it's devouring traditions that go along, or just being lazy, not my call. However, this past weekend we decided to live on the edge. This may have been the craziest Matt and I have gotten since Baby Fest 2011; a party Matt's cousins' put on in order to get all the babies together... wild night.
We boarded the Polar Express with the big guy himself followed by some Christmas shopping (say what!?). Afterwards, Matt and I took naps and I watched some late night Antique Road Show till 3am. We're awesome like that.
When given the opportunity to ride on an antique train that dated back to the 1920's as a treat from my Parents, all of us (and I'm talking about my pretty rad family) jump on board, literally. Who could pass up the experience of a train ride consisting of story telling, candy, cookies, hot cocoa, bells, carols, elves, and some one-on-one time with Santa. I would have done this the week before Easter.  Not to mention, part of the proceeds went to our local Children's Hospital. Win, win and win.
Prepare for the photo overload. It's my thing. Trust me, I still held back and did a lot of editing out photos. It was a Mommy with a camera dream event.
The two love birds themselves, my parents, who made all this possible.
While waiting for the Polar Express to pull up, We drank some hot cocoa, ate some cookies and snapped some photos at the photo props. Harper did a lot of wondering around and exploring, while Henry did what he always does, stayed close to us and glued to our legs.
All Aboard! Henry who loves anything that has wheels and an engine was super excited. He was in his element and glued to the window, unresponsive. We gave him his moment to take it all in.
On our way to the "North Pole" we listened to the story, Polar Express. While Volunteers walked around showing all the kids pictures in the book. (below is my adorable nephew Jackson, "Jacksey")
The Conductor came around, Henry was more excited about seeing him than the Big Guy himself.
All the kiddos got some chocolate. Harper being Harper making a beautiful mess of herself.
Santa showed up! And all his Elves passed out "believe bells" from the story, while Santa made his rounds. It was so cute seeing all the kids shake their bells to see if theirs jingled.
Then the whole car joined along in singing Christmas Carols. My niece, Anabella, participated with holding up the sign during the song, "Twelve Days of Christmas."
Henry has never been a fan of people singing.
Okay, the next moment is one I am excited. I will never forget this and I am so proud of my little guy. In past years, I've always had the child who screamed Bloody Mary at the faintest presence of Santa. All week though, he has been practicing over and over what he was going to tell Santa. When Santa first appeared, Henry hid his head. Nearing the end of the trip there was some warming up, and courage built up to tell Santa that he has been a good boy, and asked for a yellow car for Christmas. I am over the moon that my sister-on-law got this photo! After three years of waiting, I finally got my Santa photo! And this was a HUGE milestone for my sensitive guy.
Bye Santa!

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