Quick Takes

To blog about what I'm thankful for or not, let's let Harper decide.

Nope. Okay

1. Every night the past month we have had a family of three deer come pay a visit to our backyard. Henry is convinced they are reindeer.  So we decided these are Santa's Reindeer who fly down to make sure he is being a good boy. Though, Henry is very certain that they don't fly, because they don't have wings like an airplane. "They swim Mommy." -- as I look out the window hoping an ocean magically appeared..

2. Henry finds a dead bug:
"How does a bug work?"
"Maybe it's dead."
"Silly bug, you're dead."
"BUG come here! Ugh, why won't it come?"
"Mommy can you charge it?"

3. Harper isn't doing much talking. I'm okay with that. I'm not sure how the dynamics will change the day we have two opinionated girls under one roof. The day she starts speaking what she appears to be thinking will be the day my jaw is dropping and slamming on the ground. Although I am almost certain she has been saying, "Daddy" in the midst of her babbling. She'll whine "Mum mum" when she is REALLY upset, and everyone knows Mum mum translates to cuddles.

4. When naming Henry, Matt and I joked about the fact Henry means, "Ruler of the House." That's not so funny now.

More about kids? Okay.

5. Harper has an EXTREME addiction to my hair. It's to the point it's somewhat Silence of the Lambs creepy. She will pull hair from my head, and actually drape it around her binky and store it there. Painful and odd.

"It puts the conditioner on the hair!"

6. Harper has more teeth coming in which in turn means her nose has been non stop running for weeks. We are beyond the lets grab a tissue. I have graduated to using my sleeve or anything in reaching distance for that matter.

7. Henry- "Mommy I want to see a bearded lady." - okay son, okay.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving tomorrow!

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