The past week Harper and I have been quarantined. She's been fighting a nasty nasty lets not do that again stomach bug, and kept us away from society. I say us, not because I had the bug, I didn't, thank the sweet baby Prince George, knock on wood for that. We just never leave each others sides. She's my little sidekick that I can count on three fingers how many times we've been apart.

So today we finally saw the end of the tunnel and she is back to her witty antic self. I instantly thought, "WE NEED OUT!" So off to thrifting we went!

I didn't want to get too much. I stuck with a two project minimum. I hate junk. And if I got too much that's what I would of had till I got around to revamping it to my liking. When we entered the store I instantly was drawn to this case. I found my new camera bag! Okay, not new, nothing special... yet. I flirted around with other ideas, such as a play doctor kit for the kids or a case for my umph amount of nail polish, but ultimately I came back to a camera case. I have plenty of those, but the ones I have are all way to big for a normal everyday only need a few things.

I've tossed back and forth on how I want to handle this lovely find. As of right I plan on keeping her simple but fabulous, and add lace to the outside (it's hard to tell but there is a rectangle inset on each side). Then do some padding on the inside with fabric to add a pop of hidden color. That way I can show how I glue fabric on pleather/vinyl in case it is something someone would ever want to do.
Harper picked the music box! When I opened it up, she instantly lit up. It was destined. This was coming home with us. As of right now, I somewhat have a plan as to what I want to do with this for Harper. It's up to rather or not I can execute the plan. I'll keep this to myself for the time being, because I'm not entirely sure that's what I want to do, or even if it's possible.
oh I should mention.. I only spent $2 total on these finds!

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