I've been away for a while. My bad. Maybe this will explain a little of that.

A few nights ago while watching a video Grace Patton made over on Camp Patton (which she is awesome, go see her. And Grace if you are seeing this, my hat goes off to you). She created a snapshot video referring to the baffling question us Stay-at-Home Moms get asked, "Do you work?" And how Grace puts it, "Well, technically no. I guess not" after showing her video of her morning of "not working."

So immediately the next morning I decided to give this a shot. Surprisingly I should add this particular day was an extremely rare smooth day for us. No plans, no where to be, kids were getting along, listening, and couldn't go outside due to low temps and ice covered everything. The only thing we had going on is a cold we can't seem to shake. Which in turn made the kids just want to take it easy. Unlike today. Today is a real treat. Kids got no sleep last night. And the first 2 minutes of the day I just knew today was and still is a killer.

Before we go on. I just want to add I in no way think working parents have it easier. I know I am very blessed to be home and wouldn't trade it for anything. Matt works his tail end off and I am very grateful for that. This is just my answer to a question I get asked ALL the time, "What do you do all day?" In all honestly I can't sum that up with words, and can barely do with a 3 minute video because like mentioned above each day is different.

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