So, I'm back. it's been a long time since my short hiatus of trying this blogging thing out. (Talk about a success) Since then I have made so many things that I now wish I would have documented. Crap. The truth is I set myself up. When I started to blog, like usual, I did research on something I knew nothing about. I made blogging difficult. And unfortunately I followed what I read from other bloggers, and never once did I stop to think if what I was learning about blogging worked with me.

Everything I read stressed over and over again...
more planning
setting a schedule
sticking to that schedule.

Now, I'm a creative person by nature and the truth is I don't work or think that way. Actually I haven't met a creative person who does work well under those standards. Except for those who create fancy lists and planners (kudos to you. I can't) I simply make what comes to me at any given moment using inspiration and ideas that come to me at that time. I mentally cannot plan what I will be making a week in advance. So I set myself up. I gave myself unrealistic expectations on ways that I have never worked before.

So, years later I'm claiming a do-over. 

And while I have loads and loads of things I've made from the past years, I'm starting here. Ignoring everything else (for the moment). And I'm returning by sharing a scrapbook page I made this morning.

Today. simple enough.

The past year I have mainly been doing Project Life layouts. I'm still not completely finished with my 2015 album, oy, I have to work on that (repeat to myself, I can do this). Though, one thing that has been bothering me about that album, while I know I'm not finished with it, it's obvious when the time comes and I do finish it, it will not be "full." OCD much? So I started making traditional scrapbook pages to add to the end of album of photos that either didn't make the  Project Life cut, photos I just love, or moments I want to remember. Like a yearly recap section. Now I am no scrapbook expert. In fact I can count on two hands how may layouts I've made. But to me it has been fun and spontaneous.
Anyway, I've been on a watercolor kick ever since I bought the kids new watercolors and I wanted to try them out before they got to them and made a mixture mess of no return with them. I made simple flowers using this YouTube VIDEO. I cut them out to make embellishments.
The first memory that stuck to mind was "that one time" both children took a nap. Silly right? maybe not. It's those moments I want to remember anyway. As simple as it was, it was a Mom Moment for me. Despite me being a major creeper taking 50 photos of my children sleeping. It was special and glorious at the same time. So it deserves it's own page right? It may not be a party, event or milestone. Just a little memory I still remember 6 months later.
I still have to add journaling to the bottom of it, but it's more or less completed. I only put the bright flowers around the photo to stress how beautiful of a moment it was for me. The Holy Grail of naps from children who never nap.
Thank You Children.

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