Today my son's school was closed due to snow. Even though I've been out of school for x amount of years, I still have that mentality all school closings bring.. not to do much. And that I did. After all, we are stuck in the house with no milk and no will to leave the house. So what better way to spend my time but to watch TV and work on embellishments that I may or may not eventually use. I mean I was hopped up on black coffee due to the milk outage. I had to do something.

So the other day while doing my oh so thrilling Instagram and Pinterest stalking that I can't get enough of. I came across a scrapbook layout done by Emma from "A Title Goes Here" blog and also one by Jessy from JCChris blog that used the most gorgeous flower embellishments that I needed in my life (the colorful embellishments I did shown). After doing research (okay, I was stalking) I discovered they were made with Maggie Holmes flower die cut plates from her Confetti Collection.

CRAP. I don't own nor use a die cut machine other than my Cameo Silhouette. Do I invest in order to make these flowers? Well, I found the plates on both EBay and Amazon for about $14. I also found a cheap little die cut machine made for kids on EBay for $15. But all of that seemed silly to do for just one embellishment. And I wanted to do it right then and there. Waiting for the mailman was not an option (refer back to the last post on how my mind works). So I made my own SVG file of it to use on my Silhouette! (When I figure out how to go about sharing that file I will for those who are also in my position of not owning metal die cuts) It's perfect because now I can make any size I want.

I kind of winged the paper selection, because I don't have a specific layout in mind for them yet. I used Dear Lizzy Documentary Paper Pad (spotted and the window paper) as well as baby pink card stock and washi tape (black glitter and neon green). At first I was weary of it, but once the leaves were glued on everything came together. Without the leaves the flowers by themselves look odd.

The black glitter washi tape really pulled them together and gave that girly touch and texture it needed. I taped down the washi tape AFTER I cut the shapes out. Then I trimmed around the shape using scissors. Ideally I would have used chunky loose gold glitter, but I didn't have any on hand.

So then, I didn't feel "finished." Since bold colors aren't typically my cup of tea, I wanted to make rose embellishments using more of a subtle and classy approach. So I cut out a rose shape from Silhouette called "Layered Rose," by Tanya Batrak (Design ID #80252)

Not a whole lot to say about these. I basically just used white and tan cardstock, cut and glued. Simple enough. I can say as a heads up, the center parts were a pain to get off the cutting mat and also poking the center pieces out, but that could be because my blade is going dull. 

The leaves on this file are AMAZING. I actually look forward to cutting more of those leaves out for other projects. The roses as a whole turned out great. I'll probably do something with those using a black and white photo.

Oh, one more thing. While I was "stalking" Pinterest and the reason why I cut out the rose pieces is because I came across this tutorial on using that cut out to make water color flowers. It uses the shapes like a stencil. I will be trying that out. I will make sure I post about it. I didn't end up doing that this time, because I made the flowers too small.
Flower SVG file I made inspired by Maggie Holmes Confetti Collection die cut
"Layered Rose" from Silhouette by Tanya Batrak (Design ID #80252)

baby pink cardstock
3M black glitter washi tape
neon green washi tape 

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