Maisie, the puppy, decided she was going to bust out in all her toddler-glory-self and destroy some stuff.

Crap. I was pretty much finished too. I just stepped away for 2 seconds to cut just a couple more leaves that it really didn't even need. I more or less just didn't want to be finished. And this is where that got me. Back to start.. And not finished.

Next day.. Round no. 2, and already safely placed in the album.


Doesn't look as good as the original, but close enough. Luckily I was at least able to salvage the original roses. Those are annoying to cut.
I made this by first splattering on some watercolor roughly where I wanted. Attached the photo with corners, then glued down the roses and petals with no rhyme or reason. 

To place the quote, I took the negative of the cut out, laying it ontop of the page, and using a pencil, I stenciled parts of each letter making guidelines. That made it easy to glue each word down while not much thought had to go into placement. Then, I took some spare leaves and glued some down around the quote to help merge the two sides together. 

Finally, I trimmed off 1/4 of an inch off each side of my 12x12 page, and backed it with a pattern border. I always trim just the edge off the pattern pattern (leaving just the outter square). That way all of the center space that normally would be hidden behind the page doesn't go to waste. 

"Though she be but little, she is Fierce." 

I feel like this is one of those quotes that can pretty much sum up most little girls. It just so happens to be one that we've been saying about our Harper Jo since birth, and she's lived up to this quote. She has a whole lot of will and an extra big temper. She'll stand up for herself to anyone, and pretty much always gets her way. She knows what she wants and doesn't stop.. ever. 


The photo I used is one of my favorites out of many. I took it This past fall while we were flying kites in the backyard. Our cat even joined us by chasing the kite tails around. 

I am also gravitated to the fact her kite handle matched her shirt (I'm a dork). Which is why I pulled that color onto the page with a little splattered watercolor. Everything else I wanted to keep a simple black and white to allow photo to pop out. Especially since the background in general is very busy.
Anyway.. Going to give sharing a free cut file out for size. Hopefully I did this correctly. If not please let me know. One thing about the "Little but Fierce" cut out, is that I wouldn't go too much smaller than 6x9 (the size that I have). Some parts of the font are very thin and delicate. Any smaller I can't guarantee that it won't tear.
"Layered Rose" from Silhouette by Tanya Batrak (Design ID #80252)
"Little but Fierce Quote" (free download link above)

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